Take an Extreme Adventure or Just Chill at Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

The last weekend of February had us driving to UPLB to fetch Ralph who went on an overnight debate competition. Since February 25 was declared as an official holiday, we thought that it would be the best time to spend the night at a resort in Los Baños. It was a last minute decision so I failed to reserve us a room at the Makiling Onsen Spa. Thankfully, Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa was just a few hundred meters and a phone call away.

It was actually my husband first discovered Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa. He saw a viral post on Facebook about it and tagged me. I didn't realize that it was also located in Los Baños until our car drove past its signage along the highway. Luck was on our side when I booked because there were still a few rooms available. As the night passed, we saw guests coming and checking in the rooms beside ours.

Checking-in at Laresio
We availed of the Small Group Overnight Package for 4 which cost us 1,500 each.

The package an airconditioned room good for…

Enchanted Kingdom

It's been five years since I have been inside Enchanted Kingdom. Maybe it's because of its nearness that we chose to visit other sights in the past. But since we're moving in April, we decided that it's time to enjoy the park again. This time, with a bigger Ralph in tow.

It was Ate Do's birthday last March 16 and we thought that yesterday was the best time to go to EK. Lucky for them because they got free tickets from watching "Exodus" last December. Akala ko kasi chika lang yun eh. Besides, I find the movie baduy. (asus! sourgraping! ;p) Buti na lang Rap's not yet tall enough so we ended up buying 2 adult day pass tickets and 1 child day pass. We came in at ten in the morning. By noon we ate our packed lunch at the parking area. May part doon na may grass and maraming trees that we were able to spread our banig and eat to our heart's delight. Daming tao nagtitinginan. Inggit siguro sa adobong manok at manggang hilaw na baon namin.

Dami na nagbago sa EK. Mas ok ngayon ang regulations. At least, Rap enjoyed more rides now. Unlike dati that kids can ride only ten rides yata for 250 bucks.

See? This big boy doesn't want to ride the horse with me beside him anymore. Feeling big boy na talaga eh. Gusto laging nakabarkada kay Daddy niya or sa mga tito niya.

Hehehe... nag-enjoy ang malalaking bata sa train ride. Actually, sinamahan lang namin si Rap at John Paul. (Palusot pa!)

This one was taken yata before we took off. I can't remember the name of the ride eh. Yung parang hot air balloon. Nahilo nga ako eh. Si Rap, wala lang. At dahil nga nahilo ang lola niyo, I volunteered to look after Clyde so his parents can enjoy the ride naman. Si Daddy Jun nagsariling lakad. Nalaman ko na lang later on na all the while pala labas masok lang siya sa bumper cars. Rap went with his titos to ride the giant ferris wheel. Yun talaga hindi ko na kaya. The last time I rode that thing, nanginig ang tuhod ko. Paano ba naman kitang-kita ko na ang Laguna Bel Air up from where we were sitting. Ganon siya kalaki.

Rap riding high with Ninong Gene.

Rap with Kuya John Paul (my cousin's son) with the Wizard.

Personally, Rio Grande is my favorite ride in the park. Saya kasi eh kahit basang-basa ka afterwards. Asar talo nga lang at walang gustong tumabi sa akin. Lulubog daw ang side kung saan ako nakasakay. Hmp!

Nabasa lang ako ng grabe on my 3rd time to ride! Hehehe! Yung mga payatot ang basang-basa the first time. Kaya pinagtulung-tulungan nila akong basain. Ok lang. That was late afternoon na naman. And may baon akong damit no!

God knows when we'll come back here again. Medyo magastos na kasi the next time we'll come back. Wala nanag bahay na malapit.