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Sipatan Hanging Bridge

Third stop of our Bohol Countryside Tour, Day 2 in Bohol (January 29 - 31, 2010).

2010-01-30 Bohol Weekend Day 2 LR-36

It was still early for lunch time by the time we left Bilar's Man-made Mahogany Forest that our driver decided to pass by the Sipatan Hanging Bridge at Sevilla, Bohol. For Php 10 each, we crossed the long but sturdy bamboo bridge which is supported by strong cable lines. The bridge runs above the Loboc River and is just perfect for photo ops.

We crossed the bridge and saw souvenir shops at the other side. We did not buy anything, though. We were not hungry either so we just crossed the other bridge were we passed to go back to side of the river where we started.

2010-01-30 Bohol Weekend Day 2 LR-41

2010-01-30 Bohol Weekend Day 2 LR-40

There was pretty nothing much to see and do here. I think we stayed for 10 minutes tops. We then proceeded with the tour to have lunch riding the Loboc River Cruise.

Sipatan Hanging Bridge is located in Sipatan, Sevilla, Bohol. To go there, tourists can ride a bus from the Dao bus terminal in Tagbilaran City. It would be best if you visit the Sipatan Hanging Bridge as part of a van rental package. We got ours at Php 3,500 for 8 hours.

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RHYTHM NATION: Pinoy pride takes a groovy form on the Internet

The Philippines is heating up again - this time in the dance and music scene - with a hot new dance video taking the country into the spotlight in the digital world. The viral sensation captured hip Pinoy dance groups moving to the beat of the pied piper of Philippine Tourism, of the Black Eyed Peas.

It all began with a song - "Take U to the Philippines", the incredibly catchy tune, which went viral last September along with its absolutely stunning music video, talks about taking one's beloved to see the beauty of the Philippines and of its people. Written by himself, the song plays off like a love letter to the rockstar's home country, sending shockwaves through the digital space.

The passion evoked by the music video and its artistic expression of nationalism caught the imagination and stirred the pride of several top dance groups. With the help of the Philippine Department of Tourism, they came together and laid down their own spin on Apl's song while showcasing the amazing wealth of Filipino dance talent amidst the backdrop of spectacular sights in the Philippines.

The dancers ranged wildly in style, from world class hip-hop champs like the Philippine All-Stars, Manoeuvres, PinoyFunk'in Styles, Switch and Stylettos to talented student groups like Ateneo Blue Babble, La Salle Dance Company, U.P. Street and UST Salinggawi. Not to mention individual performers like Chris Nocon, Alys Serdenia, Jonas Orig Sana, Angel de Rivera, Andro de Rivera, Yang Gagelonia and Rosie Pajela-Marzan, were all equal in passion and energy in expressing through movement Pinoy pride and love for the Philippines.

Press release from the Philippine Department of Tourism and

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Win GCs to try the KFC Creamy Tomato Pasta Bowl!

KFC’s 100 Ways is a Daily Tips Facebook application on how to make your relationships fresh and exciting. Enjoy this even more with KFC’s Creamy Tomato Pasta Bowl! Get a chance to win KFC Creamy Tomato Pasta Bowl GCs daily the more you use the application!

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  4. The promo duration is for one month, from April 5 - May 6, 2010. 
  5. Winners will be announced DAILY on the KFC Pasta Bowl Fan Page. 
  6. Winners will also receive a notification Facebook Message on how to claim their prize. 
  7. To claim the GCs, simply reply to the FB Message with your name, cellphone number, and email address. Print out the FB Message thread and bring it along with your ID to Mediacom Office, 7F Lepanto Bldg, 8747 Paseo de Roxas Makati City. 
  8. Prizes are transferable but not convertible to cash. 
  9. Winners can win more than once. 
  10. After the promo period, the KFC 100 Ways App can still be used but no more prizes shall be given away.

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