Jan 17, 2012

Laiya La Luz Labas (Aling Ely's Cottages for Rent)

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Are you familiar with the beautiful beaches of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas? Well, if you are planning to spend a day or two at the beach but have a limited budget to do so, you can always choose to stay at Aling Ely's cottages. Aling Ely is known in the place as the person to go to when you need an affordable cottage for rent at Laiya. She's so well-known that frequent visitors have already dubbed her area as La Luz Labas, being outside the posh (and a lot more expensive) La Luz Beach Resort.

La Luz Labas

It was Holy Week 2011 when we went to Laiya.  Originally, I was planning to book ourselves in a resort but until the last minute, all were fully booked.  I chanced upon a blog post about staying in one of Aling Ely's cottages and the blogger published Aling Ely's number there.  Taking my chances, since his post was written way back in 2007, I called the number and Aling Ely answered on the other line, to my surprise!   I immediately made my "reservation" with that phone call.

La Luz Labas

Aling Ely asked me the number of people staying in the cottage and she recommended her niece's hut which was for rent for Php 3,500 a night. I know it was a bit pricey since the bedroom is not airconditioned but it was peak season so I already quite expected it.

La Luz Labas

As it turns out, Aling Ely's relatives also have huts for rent in the area. It's like a compound with cottages of various sizes.  That's the reason why Aling Ely asks the number of persons that will be staying for the night, so she can choose the right hut for you.  They're not strict with headcount, though.  They just want to make sure that there's sleeping space for everybody.  Actually, in the hut beside us, the others spent the night in a tent propped by their doorway because there were so many people in their hut.

La Luz Labas

There's a gas stove and cooking stuff provided by the owner of the hut. There's also a grill for barbecue. We brought food to cook for the night so we did not need to buy food in the nearby talipapa (wet market). By the way, guests of La Luz cannot bring food inside the resort. They have to avail of the food package the price of which is added to their room accommodation rate.

La Luz Labas

Our bathroom slash toilet was decent enough for my taste. I've seen worse, if you ask me, and this one is quite okay if you're really not that maarte (choosy). It's built beside our hut but it can be padlocked so people from the other huts can't use it.

La Luz Resort

Since it was the peak season, La Luz Beach Resort guarded their property and did not allow non-guests to pass through.  The locals told us that they only do that during peak seasons.  But knowing my boys....

La Luz Resort

Yeah, they were able to find a way to get in, hahaha!  I guess, with a lot of people trying to pass through the beach front of La Luz that morning, the guard just got tired of warding them off!

La Luz Resort

Well, who are we to blame?  Because if we just stayed in the part of the beach outside the La Luz property, we could have never had reached this beautiful part of the beach.  Tip:  Walk and dress as if you're checked in the resort!  My boys were wearing Crocs and Havaianas, lol!

2011-04-21-23 Holy Week LowRes (31)

If you're interested in staying at any of Aling Ely's cottages, call or text her at 09994657130.  I received a comment before in my other blog that her phone with her old number (09206192060) had been stolen so she changed numbers. To reach Aling Ely's place, just follow the directions going to La Luz Beach Resort which can be found HERE.

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Xll_angelicious_llx said...

good morning! hi kindly send me a quotation for 15-20 pax,. My barkada are planning to have a vacation on aprl 28 overnyt. can we bring our own food?and pde ba kame mag tayo ng tent sa beachfront? hirs my eadd xll_angelicious_llx@yahoo.com thankyou

Lord John Tejano said...

La Luz Labas is a joke, I'm telling you it's far from decent. I was fooled by this blog and paid reservation.  Good I still had another night and transferred immediately the next day to Kabayan side, where there are a lot of cheap but decent resorts.

Mauie Flores said...

Sorry to hear that. What I wrote was an honest review of the place. We were there during the Holy Week and other resorts were already full so we had no choice but to stay there.

Marose StoTomas said...

hi ano po ang contact number ni aling ely?

Varrie Zantua said...

hello po!
-ang mga cottages ni Aling Ely ay may sarili pong cr..
-kung magpapareserve po kayo ay paki-iwan po ang complete name nyo at i-confirm nyo po ang pagdating nyo by texting or calling Aling Ely na on the way na kayo para po maiwasan po na maibigay sa ibang walk-in guests ang cottages.
-make sure po na 20 pax lang (halimbawa) ang ipina-reserve nyo pero pagdating sa lugar ay 50 pax pala kayo,mahihirapan na po kayong makakuha ng matutuluyan lalo kung peak season.
-09994657130 / 09172535712 - Aling Ely
Marami pong salamat!