Baguio Halloween Day 4 - Uwian na!

We're back. Dadijun has to go back to work tomorrow. My sister and brother-in-law made a side trip to La Union. How I wish we also went along with them but we can't. La Union is known for its beaches, especially the shores of Caba.

Unit 4-A, Green Mansion Condominium

Since this was our last day, we took the opportunity to shoot some pictures of us in our room and in some parts of the house. Mami-miss ko talaga ang place na ito. 2 years pa uli bago makabalik.

Feeling Don si Dadijun. That's our bed over there.

Me and Toto in the sun room, my most favorite place in the house.

Rap in the living room couch.
Toto by the dining room closet.
Dadijun by the corridor leading to our the bedrooms.

My family outside our unit.
Toto with the view of Green Mansion behind him.

Good Shepherd Convent

I have already bought some pasalubong items in the Mines View tiangge yesterday. The jams there are cheaper. I didn't buy peanut brittle from there because the best tasting peanut brittle in Bagiuo only comes from the Good Shepherd Convent. The place is only a few minutes away from Green Mansion so we just walked to reach the convent.

We bought some Ube Jam (sarap sa pandesal!), Peanut Brittle, Sesame Brittle, Toasted Sesame Seeds. We haven't eaten breakfast yet so from the merienda kiosk Dadijun and I bought some empanadas, strawberry juice, and gelato. There's a garden with the Stations of the Cross and Rap visited it with his Tito Toto.

Rap and his daddy went back home while Toto and I walked towards Mines View Park. I had to buy some of Mikasan's Choco Flakes. Rap had a crying fit this morning because someone ate his whole jar of Choco Flakes. The culprit turned out to be the one who volunteered to accompany me to Mines View, hehehe! Tito Toto, bistado ka na! I bought some Igorot cloth slippers, too.

We ate a quick early lunch by the time Toto and I got home. By 11:30, Mang Juanito was ready to pick us up and bring us to the Victory Liner terminal. Our trip was scheduled to leave at 12:20 p.m.

I will surely miss Baguio. Kahit ilang beses na hindi pa rin nakakasawang balikan. I just hope that there will be less pollution and traffic in the future.

We arrived at the Cubao terminal around 6:30 pm. By 7 pm we were already home. Mama and Papa picked Lucky up at around 8 pm and brought us the sad news that Papa lost during the baranggay elections. I hope he liked my pasalubong, anyhow.

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