Week-long Bicol Vacation Day 2 (Daet)

Woke up early today for our 2 hour drive to Daet, Camarines Norte. Dong and the kids arrived a few minutes after Kuya Edward and his family. Kuya Edward is Dadijun's cousin and his parents are the ones we are going to visit in Daet. Rap slept during the trip, he was probably avoiding getting nauseous. I tried to get some sleep, too, but my cough has worsened.

We arrived in Daet around 8 am and headed to Tita Myrna's optical shop. There we met Baby and Nene, Kuya Edward's sisters. We also met Baby's 2-year old daughter, Ella, for the first time. She' Dadijun's godchild. Nonoy, Kuya Edel's son was also there for a vacation. Kuya Edel is also a cousin of Dadijun and a brother of Kuya Edward. It was a chaotic, yet, fun sight to see the Rap playing with his cousins again. I was thankful that he socialized well and shared his gadgets and food with his cousins.

When Tita Myrna and Tito Elmer arrived after hearing mass, all of us boarded the van and headed to Bagasbas beach which was just a few minutes drive from the place. Bagasbas is a surfer's pl ace to be. Before, they have not promoted the place as one. I guess the tourists just came in and discovered the waves. The waters are part of the Pacific Ocean so its really perfect for surfing. I was surprised to see that the place improved after all these years. Small restaurants and cafes now surround the boardwalk that made it very much like the former Baywalk in Manila.

We settled in a restaurant that has been their 'suki'. They ordered food as early as 10:30 am because it will still be cooked. The kids went straight to the beach. I could have swam if I didn't have my period! The water was so inviting. It was a cloudy day so we allowed the kids to swim and play in the sand. I took a walk with Ella and Megan in the sand.

For lunch we had Sinigang na Sugpo, Fried Chicken, Calamares, Fish Steak, and Chopsuey. I ate so much! Wala na munang diet diet! They really reserved the big sugpo for us knowing that we crave for them so much. In Daet, seafood is less expensive than in Manila because of its proximity to the sea. We ate ripe mangoes and grapes for dessert, Tita Myrna bought some from the market before we went to Bagasbas. We thank Tita Myrna for hosting this feast. We were supposed to be the ones to give the treat. Kakahiya talaga. But Tita Myrna did not accept our offer to pay for the lunch that we had and said that our visit was all worth it. I remember that our last visit to Daet was five years ago.

We went to Tita Myrna's place after lunch. I rested for a while on the wooden bench in the patio just outside their door. I didn't know that I have fallen asleep until I woke up with pillows under my head and an electric fan n front of me. Sarap talaga matulog pag busog! Dadijun was also sleeping on another bench just beside mine. By the time he woke up, Tita Myrna was already back from her shop with more sugpo and fruits for us to take back home to Naga. Sobrang bait talaga ni Tita Myrna.

We were homeward bound by 4pm and reached Naga a little before 6pm. Ate Cel prepared dinner for all of us. Then, after dinner, Dong brought us back home to Tita Ops' house. Tomorrow's going to be another long day so we retired early for the much needed rest. I am now convinced that I am really sick. I'm coughing really bad but I am now taking medications for it. I should have taken good care of myself before this trip. Hay!

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