Week-long Bicol Vacation Day 3

Ate Cel and Dong picked us up early today. We left the kids at Tita Ops' house since we were going to LTO and GSIS.

Before coming here, I told Dong about my unsuccessful attempt to get my Non-Professional Driver's License at the LTO Cainta. He advised me to bring my papers with me and we will apply here. Arriving at the LTO, Dong approached a lady friend of him and gave her my Student Permit and Medical Exam results. She led us to an officer that assessed my papers. They gave me an application form that I filled up and I paid 93 pesos for the application fee. I was then called for the picture taking and signature. After that, I was asked to pay 5 pesos for the photocopying of the exam sheet. We were aked to come back by 1 pm for the releasing of my Temporary DL.

While waiting for the release of my TDL, we went to GSIS to pay the downpayment for the property that Ate Cel and Dong were buying. Dadijun acted a the borrower since he is the one with the complete requirements needed in buying the property. The property was a small house on a 156 sqm lot in the Canaman area. It's being sold for 600+ thousand pesos. We were supposed to be interviewed by an officer but, being a government office, we should not expect everyone to be in on a Monday, hehehe. Dadijun was kind of irritated because it was a scheduled interview and we dressed up a little for it. Buti na lang ako na-picture-an for my DL.

We proceeded to Pili to pay for our reserved accommodations at the Camsur Watersports Complex. It' Rap's wish to celebrate his birthday here. We will stay for the night at the Ecovillage with Ate Cel's and Kuya Edward's families. Dadijun initially wanted to stay at the LRay Villas which was closer to the wakeboarding area but the Ecovillage has more accessible swimming pools for the kids. We were a week early for the Kaogma Festival. It could have been a more festive event with all the watersports events and concerts happening. Going back to Naga, we stopped by Shakey's at Avenue Square for lunch.

Back at LTO, I payed 247 pesos for the license fee. I was then led to another room for another picture taking. This time around, it was for the DL card. It will be ready in 5 months time, or so they say. The officer also informed me that the official receipt will be my TDL first because their printer bogged down. Dong promised that he will be the one to pick it up before we go back to Manila.

We stopped by the Robinson's Supermarket at the Centro to buy the supplies that we need for tomorrow. I bought ice cream for the kids and Ferrero chocolates for Rap. All of us had dinner at Tita Ops' place. I am now resting in our room because I want to isolate myself from everyone with my coughing and all. The heat and exhaustion that I felt while we were at the LTO contributed to the worsening of my cough. Still, I wouldn't let them know how it is hard for me to even speak right now. Rap's really excited. I don't want to spoil the fun that we will have tomorrow by being sick.Add to Technorati Favorites