Week-long Bicol Vacation Day 4 (Rap's 8th Birthday)

We woke up early today so we can catch the 6 am mass at the San Francisco church at the Centro. We didn't even bother to take our breakfast so we won't be late. We just took a tricycle to the Centro.

It was Rap's wish that we hear mass in this church. St. Francis daw kasi, patron saint of their school. He was so surprised to hear that the mass will be celebrated in Bicol. Even the songs were in Bicol! I think that Rap only replied everytime there's Amen! Hahaha! At least I understand the dialect even though I can't speak it fluently. Rap asked his Daddy every now and then about the meaning of the words that he heard. After the mass, we walked to Jollibee and had breakfast.

Back at Tita Ops' house, the people busily prepared the things that we brought to our outing. Ate Cel and her family arrived a little past eight and picked us up. Tito George, Dadijun's 70+ years old uncle, went with us although he was still recuperating from his frequent asthma attacks. Rap was getting depressed because he thought our friends and relatives in Manila forgot about his birthday. Nobody texted him birthday greetings as early as he wanted them to.

We settled in a shaded picnic area at the Pili Ecovillage while waiting for our check-in. We were informed that we can check-in early as long as the room is ready for occupancy. The kids started to invade the pools as soon as we got there. I busied myself taking pictures and videos.

By 11am we were already allowed to check-in. Kuya Edward, Ate Luz, and their children arrived. Ate Cel and Dong started to prepare our lunch outside our room by the terrace. We brought a small charcoal stove and grill for cooking. Ate Cel already cooked the Sinigang na Sugpo at home, it was the sugpo that Tita Myrna brought for us in Daet. They grilled tilapia and liempo. We also had sweet and spicy shrimp. All of us, except for the kids and the cooking team, remained in our room and rested a little bit. tita Ops was so busy with her Rubik's Cube that it got me interested in solving one, too!

We started to eat our lunch as soon as the children returned to the room. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Rap and since he had no cake for today, he blew the steam off the hot sinigang! We had a simple, yet yummy, feast. It is really happy to be celebrating an important occasion with the family.

In the afternoon, Dadijun and I were brought by Dong to the Watersports Complex. The three of us headed to the massage area and pampered ourselves for an hour. I was kind of uncomfortable because the place was open and I had to remove my clothes with just a blanket covering me. But the massage was worth it although it was more expensive than Nuat Thai in Taytay. It made me relaxed and sleepy enough to forget about my sickness. Tita Ops, Tito George, and Jen (Tita Ops' maid) went back home to Naga.

I am looking forward to another fun-filled day tomorrow. We're planning to go fishing and hang-out at the Watersports Complex again to watch wakeboarders do their thing.

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