SM Science Discovery Center and More

It's official. Rap has finally reached the top spot this trimester. He's not only Top1 1 in his section but in the whole Grade 2 level as well. There are 6 sections in each level with 35+ kids each. Do the math and you'll feel how ecstatic we are. Rap has made us proud once again.

As promised, we brought him to the SM Science Discovery Center right after getting his report card and having a short conference with his class adviser last Friday. Traffic was really bad at EDSA that day but even the tightest of all traffic won't make Dadijun's mind change in driving all the way to Pasay. It was Rap's special day so we made him decide on anything that he wanted to do that day.

We arrived the SM Mall of Asia a quarter past 2 in the afternoon and we had late lunch at Racks.

Rap and Dadijun enjoying their respective platters.

Then, we went straight to the Science Discovery Center that was just a few steps away. Instead of 330 pesos each, we got a 30 peso discount for each ticket using my SM Advantage Card. The place was packed with visiting students. I think it's better if we visited the place during a weekend so as to avoid the large number of students on a field trip and thus having more of the place to ourselves. We were not able to organize our route as we tried to just check out the nearest available area or gadget.

We rushed to see the 3:20 pm show at the planetarium. It's unfortunate that I wasn't able to take pictures and videos inside the planetarium because it's prohibited. Honestly, I was quite disappointed because I expected it to be like the planetarium in Luneta where there will be a film showing about the solar system and outer space. Instead, we watched a movie about a hidden reef and talking fish!

With the planetarium experience as an exception, I still can say that we had a great time at the place. We were able to play simulated games and plane flying.

The whole family's flying!

Trying their hand at the virtual drum set.

At Grossology, my boys enjoyed their time making the Burp Man burp and sniffing the odd scents at Sniff Sniff. There were also other educational spots that teach visitors about the mechanics that are involved in the organ systems of the body.

We were also able to talk to Mr. T, a talking animated titan fish. At first I thought that everything that he was saying was pre-programmed but he was actually interacting with the guests. He even congratulated Rap for his latest achievement.

In the Earthquake Experience room, Rap learned facts about earthquakes, aftershocks, and tsunamis. I got dizzy after some time from the moving plate where we stood on so I got off and just took pictures and videos.

Past the earthquake room is a gallery that showcases the place of robots in mankind's history. Rap was able to play with robot cars, too. Also in the area is the Time Capsule where a guest can send an email to himself that he will receive in the future date that he specified.

We left the place at a little past 6 in the evening. We decided to stay a little more at the Mall of Asia because we were expecting the traffic going home to be worse than the traffic we endured going there. I'm glad that we did stay long enough to witness the fireworks display by the bay at the back of SM Mall of Asia.

After that, we passed by Powerbooks since Rap also wished for a copy of "Charlie and the Glass Elevator". We failed to buy one because the branch was out of stock. I introduced him to "Amelia Bedelia" instead and we sat on a couch to read some titles. Dadijun also caught the "Amelia Bedelia" fever and found it funny too!

We had dinner at Mangan but before heading to the parking area, Rap made lambing for us to buy him some Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert. My husband and I were still on an "Anything For Rap" mode so we walked back towards the bay area to buy his Ateneo donut.

What a hectic day that Friday was for all of us. I was so tired from all the walking and picture-taking. I bet Dadijun was more tired than me because he had to drive through the traffic in Ortigas Ext. on our way home and had to get up for his early morning duty at work the following day. Still, we needed to reciprocate our Big Boy's efforts with the treat he very much deserved.

And speaking of the Big Boy...

Well, I guess he's tired but happy!

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