Halloween Night-out @ Hollywood Star, West Park, Naga City

It has been some kind of a habit for us to have dinner with relatives every time we go home to the province. Naga City has greatly changed throughout the years. During my early trips in the province, most of the places my husband's relatives bring me to visit are tourist spots. Lately, commercial establishments are sprouting and most of them are bars and restaurants. Last May, we brought the family to Lady Crab in Avenue Square along Magsaysay Avenue. Apparently, there's a new KTV Bar and Restaurant in West Park also along the area. The place is called Hollywood Star and, as the name suggests, it exudes a Hollywood theme and provides versatile entertainment for the whole family. We decided to try hanging-out in the place the night before Halloween.

Me and Ralph with Mama Babes and
Ate Cel and Dong with their kids Megan and Olec.

Rap and Olec having their face paint jobs done.

We were not expecting that West Park will be as jolly as we have witnessed that night. It was still a night away from Halloween but the establishment provided free loot bags and face painting sessions for kids. And because the face painting booth provider was my aunt-in-law's former student in Ateneo de Naga, I got a free butterfly face paint done on my cheek!

Hollywood Star also had free treats for the kids that night. Before the line-up of shows started, kiddie games were held to the delight of Rap and his cousins. There were lots of kids that night and the place looked like a kiddie birthday party! The management also provided loot bags for the kids. Had we known that there is also a costume contest for the kids, we could have prepared Rap and his cousins because I brought the face painting set that I used on Rap during their Family Day.

The show started with gay impersonators acting out their versions of Evita, Phantom of the Opera, and the Viva Hot Babes' "Bulaklak"! We had a grand time watching Kuya Edward being "0harrassed" by the gay impersonator singing "Bulaklak". I was laughing my heart out because Kuya Edward was showing me his fork that he was hiding under the table. He was giving me the message that he will poke the impersonator with the fork if ever the stunt goes below the belt.

Kuya Edward, my cousin-in-law, being "harassed" by gay impersonators.

Gays impersonating Christine and The Phantom of The Opera

After the impersonators came the gay stand-up comedians. One of them, Trixie D' Horsie, claimed that he may be my husband's relative because he is also a Flores! He even called my mother-in-law "Mama" because he related that his mother was Yolanda Flores. (I used "was" because he told us that his mother is now deceased. Pasaway na bading!) LOL!

That's Trixie facing the camera.

We ordered vegetable salad and quarter chicken meals for everyone except for Ralph who insisted on an expensive plate of Fish and Chipmunks. Yup, everything on the menu has a Hollywood movie title attached to it to go with the restaurant's theme. We also ordered pizza and chicken fingers for pica-pica after the main meal.

Overall, our Hollywood experience was fun and we stayed up to 12 in the midnight in the place. The kids, except for my son again, were still wide awake. I personally enjoyed watching Trixie D' Horsie and company because I found him a spontaneous comedian. His punchlines are also not offending at all not like the stand-up gay comedians in Manila. The food, unfortunately, did not meet the standards of my taste buds. I found the chicken bland and the other meals not that extraordinary. I guess I am just so used to my sister-in-law's superb cooking.

Hollywood Star is located at The West Park, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City.

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