Tam-awan Village

When we went to Baguio during the Halloween of 2007, we were armed with an itinerary that consisted of visiting 10 tourist spots of Baguio and Benguet Province. We were a large group, then, and you know how slow it is when you are travelling with a large group. So we had to sacrifice two places and Tam-awan Village was one of them (the other was the Aguinaldo Museum).


Tam-awan Village was founded in 1998 by Chanum Foundation, Inc. The aim of the organization was to present a model village for those people who have not been to the Cordillera region before. They transported knocked-down huts from Ifugao and Kalinga and restored them by adding new cogon roofs to the original materials. These huts are rented out to visitors if they want to stay for the night and experience sleeping in an authentic Ifugao/Kalinga hut.


Tam-awan Village is now the haven of local artists of this region. In this place, their artworks are displayed to foster a deeper understanding, respect, and pride of their cultural heritage. Some traditional huts have been transormed into areas where paintings and other artworks are exhibited. However, taking pictures of the artworks is prohibited. Visitors can also have their portrait sketched by the artists that frequent the place. For only Php 100, one can have a sketched portrait in as little as fifteen minutes.


Tam-awan means "vantage point" and the reason why the place is named like this is because a magnificent China Sea sunset can be viewed from the village on a clear day. True enough, there's a high spot in the village where we were able to view the roads and houses from afar. It was quite a steep climb and I'm proud that my son was able to keep up with us. The view that we saw was worth all the effort after all.


A souvenir shop is also located inside the village. Some of the items are pricey and some are not according to my taste. If you are short on cash, you can charge it to your credit card instead. Yes, they accept credit card purchases here for purchases Php 300 and above. You can even charge your entrance fees to your credit card. I was able to buy a souvenir shirt for my son at Php 250, a few metal rings for pasalubong which was at Php 50 each, and a native woven bag for Php 200. In case you get hungry, an in-house cafe is available but the prices are quite expensive too.

Tam-awan Village is located 366-Pinsao Proper, Baguio City. From where we were staying at Upper Gibraltar Road (near the the Good Shepherd Convent) to Tam-awan Village, our taxi fare was only less than Php 70. If you are bringing a car, it would be better for you to check out their website www.tamawanvillage.com for the map.

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