Bigg's Diner, The Biggest Food Chain In The Bicol Region

In a country where it's either Jollibee or Mc Do, it is almost impossible to expect another fastfood chain to thrive in the same food industry. Not in Bicolandia, for they have their very own Bigg's Diner.

Bigg's Diner is a 50's inspired diner right in the heart of Naga City. Being inside Bigg's is not only a gastronomical treat but a feast for the eyes as well. I personally enjoyed viewing all the antique knick knacks that the place has on display. A warm feeling crept inside of me as I saw Elvis Presley's pictures and memorabilia on the wall. I am a silent Elvis fan. Thanks to my father, I have learned to sing all his songs since I was around seven years old.

We went to Bigg's Diner for the Halo-Halo. It was 3 in the afternoon and we were on our way to Naga City Eco Park. My husband wanted to bring my brother to Bigg's so he can try eating in an authentic Bicolano fast food this time around. I have already tasted Bigg's the first time I visited Naga, months before we got married. But this branch we went to was the newest one. I remember the first Bigg's I ate in had a front part of a retro car sticking out of its wall! Isn't it cool?

Aside from getting Halo-Halo for the nine of us, I also ordered burgers, french fries, and a large Hawaiian Pizza. Total bill was only at around Php 1,100. Not bad for good food in a cool place, huh?

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Anonymous said…
Yeah, it's nice of you to discover Biggs and its blast from the past ambience. Next stop, Embarcadero Center at Legaspi's waterfront.