Triboo Grill

My mother-in-law suggested that we go to Triboo Grill for lunch on our first day of vacation in Naga City. The name did not sound too appealing for me as I was craving for authentic Bicolano food. She swore that the place serves good food at quality prices. Still, we ended up eating at Geewan at the Centro.

We finally had the time to visit the place for dinner after our trip to Lago del Rey. I found it a blessing to be dining in the place at night because it has an outdoor setting. I was reminded of Antipolo's nipa hut restaurants overlooking Metro Manila.

We found our place in one of the nipa huts surrounding the main restaurant. We were on the second floor of the hut. We were seated in long wooden benches around a big rectangular wooden table. We were conveniently located beside one of the restaurant's outdoor fountains which added a relaxing feel to our dining experience.

Underneath us was another dining area where guests were seated on low cushioned wooden benches around a round wooden table. It's very much like eating Japanese style. Dining in this area is recommended for small drinking groups and not for heavy dining because of the small table place.

Other huts are also available. These huts are situated beside the flowing water canal connecting the two waterfall fountains of the restaurant. Dining in the outdoor huts are recommended during evenings but, on warmer days, guests can opt to eat inside their airconditioned main dining hall.

Does the place serve good food? Well, I can compare their food to Gerry's Grill and Dencio's here in Manila. The servings are good for sharing of around 3 to 4 people. I personally loved their creamy Mixed Seafood Soup. You can just order this with some of their Seafood Fried Rice and you're ready to go. My mother-in-law said that they are well-know for their barbecues so we also ordered some although I did not find it too special.

In terms of prices, Triboo Grill is the most affordable when again compared to Gerry's Grill and Dencio's. The only specialties that go beyond the 200 peso range are the whole Fried Chicken and Crispy Pata orders. A stick of pork barbecue is priced at Php 25. For our party of 9 people, our total bill was only at Php 1,800. We ordered 2 big plates of fried rice, 15 sticks of barbecue, kare-kare, seafood soup, another cream based soup (the name escapes my mind at the moment), 1 whole fried chicken, 3 orders of lumpiang sariwa, beef ampalaya, fried chicken skin for appetizer, 7 iced tea, 2 mango shakes, 5 cups of extra rice, and 2 single servings of leche flan.

Triboo Grill is located along Mayon Avenue. The place has become quite popular nowadays to tourists and is always almost full during evenings. Overall, I conclude that Triboo Grill is definitely a place for friends and families who want to eat good and affordable food in a relaxing ambiance.

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