Week-long Bicol Vacation Last Day

Megan baked Banana Cake for me today. Advance birthday gift daw. Probably she made a new one because I wasn't able to eat the Chiffon Cake that Ate Cel prepared yesterday. Gifted talaga sa kusina ang batang ito. Sarap, sobra. Inangkin ko na nga, I put it inside the refrigerator so the maids can't eat everything up again. Hehehe, damot ba? Ate Cel prepared lunch again and brought it to us at Tita Ops'. Sarap talaga ng may relative ka na caterer, parang special occasions everyday. This time, she cooked Beef Chow Fan and Sweet and Sour Fish.

After lunch, we went to the LCC Mall with the family. We bought school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and bags for Megan and Olec. It was just a small token of appreciation on our part. Ate Cel and Dong really go out of their way to accommodate us everytime we spend our vacation here. It's a big help for them financially that they will not need to worry about their kids' school supplies this coming school year. We went to downtown Naga afterwards for our pasalubong shopping. We bought different pili products at the RPM store and abaca slippers at the store beside it. I also bought a Rubik's Cube in a Taiwanese store. Before going home, we stopped by Casa Moderna's bakeshop to buy Palabok, Pan Bonete, and Toasted Siopao. While waiting, Dong started to teach me the techniques on solving the Rubik's Cube.

Our trip was scheduled at 8:30 pm so we had an early dinner of Palabok around 6 pm. Afterwards, Dong and his family brought us to the bus terminal. We were still quite early for our trip and the bus was not yet there on its slot. We had to let Ate Cel and her family go home and not to wait for us to get on the bus. The terminal was jampacked with travelers that Ate Cel started to get an asthma attack.

Around 8:15 pm, we were already allowed to board the bus. The Lazy Boy Extreme bus is really amazing. The seats are so wide, it's as wide as our bed at 54 inches! Buti na lang talaga we didn't pay an extra seat for Rap because the two seats were just enough for the three of us. The leg space is big enough for our trveling bags to fit even if the leg rest is up. It was a very comfortable ride that I slept as early as 9 pm. I am writing this while on a quick stopover somewhere in Quezon Province. I guess we'll arrive at the Cubao terminal as early as 4:30 in the morning. From there, we're back to reality. My next week-long vacation will probably be due in a year or so.

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