Eastwood Mall's Ultra 7 Cinema

My husband's birthday week coincided with the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We decided to celebrate his birthday by watching the movie at Eastwood Mall's Ultra 7 Cinema.

The Ultra 7 Cinema boasts of being the country's first ever cinema with twin-seater Lazy Boy recliners. I have read in most blogs that the charge would be Php 400 for one person but it goes down to Php 350 for two tickets or more. The fee is inclusive of unlimited popcorn and drinks. Our ticket yesterday was priced at Php 401 each. I guess it's because our drinks were served in reusable Transformers tumblers. Not bad at all for my husband's special day.

While we were seated at the lobby waiting for our 12:30 p.m. schedule, the cinema attendant already took note of our preferred drinks and popcorn flavors. The snacks were served a few minutes before the movie started. Since the servings are unlimited, we were advised that we just have to raise our hands to ask for another serving.

The fully reclining seats were wide and uber comfy. It was so tempting to fall asleep. Thanks to its Dolby Surround Sound System, the sound effects of the movie was enhanced and amplified making my heart pound so much to keep me awake.

Even though there are attendants serving snacks every now and then to patrons, I wasn't at all distracted because the cinema's stadium style design made the seat in front of me low enough to avoid blocking my view even when my seat was fully reclined.

The only downside of this movie viewing experience was that the unlimited soda made me visit the ladies' room thrice throughout the entire movie! LOL! At least, the cinema's restroom is well-kept.

Ultra 7 Cinema tickets are worth every penny. I recommend that you try watching a movie that is heavy on special effects and one that runs more than two hours to fully enjoy an Ultra 7 experience.

By the way, my boys were not able to finish their buckets of popcorn. The cinema attendants gave us plastic bags for holding them and our reusable Transformers tumblers as well.

The Ultra 7 Cinema is found at the new Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Click here to view their movie schedule.

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Heart of Rachel said…
That's a great way to celebrate your hubby's birthday. Glad you enjoyed the experience. I want to give it a try too.
Anonymous said…
Ultra 7 Cinemas are the best. I love watching movies at Eastwood City.