Gold in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago blessed with so much riches of the earth. It is a pity that not all Filipinos recognize this. One of these riches is gold. We have our own Philippine gold. Although some say that Philippine gold is inferior compared to Saudi gold and Singaporean gold, the truth still remains that we have gold!

Philippine gold is plenty in Mindanao, the third major island of the country found in its southernmost part. Most of the gold resources there are not being tapped since the war against terrorists affected almost all business activities in a large part of the island. Another popular gold digging site in the country is found in Baguio City. Local Baguio miners get gold the old traditional way - panning and sluicing along shallow rivers. Meanwhile, in Legaspi City, Albay, gold can be obtained from some of the beaches and under the rice paddies. What the miners make of their find is actually not worth the trouble at all because they do not make much money out of it. Probably, they should learn how to sell old gold instead to earn more cash.

Cash4Gold superbowl XLIII commercial shows how to earn cash from gold. Cash4Gold videos are also available over Youtube. It's just unfortunate that our local miners do not have access to these resources.

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Viktor said…
Goldpanning Surigao more invo Skype (rudvikros)