Vacation Rental Homes

Are you fond of playing Farm Town in Facebook? Well, I am. You see, I designed my farm to be a vacation farm. Aside from having my farm, barn, ranch, restaurant, and main home, I also put cottages for guests. You may be laughing now but this is really my vision. I dream of buying a farm land and convert it to a vacation spot not only for my family but for paying guests as well. Take a look at my farm cottages below:

We often stay in hotels when we take a vacation. Depending on the location, sometimes I prefer living in a vacation rental home especially if we are staying for a week at the minimum. Vacation rental homes are not only cheaper but they are also more convenient for families with small kids. Guests have more privacy and can even invite their own guests. The best part of it all is that guest get to have their own kitchen for preparing home cooked meals.

What do you think about vacation rental homes? Do you prefer to stay in vacation rental homes than in hotel rooms? Tell me what you think.

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