Back from a short blogging hiatus.

As you can notice, the last post I did was way before Christmas. I got too busy with my online work and our holiday activities that I didn't have time to blog. We spent greeted the New Year in Naga City. Although we have just been there last Holy Week, we still felt excited because it was our first time to fly.

Cebu Pacific introduced flights from Manila to Naga City and vice versa only during the middle of 2009. We only had five days to spend in the province so we thought that it'd be best for us to take the 45-minute travel via plane. I'm glad we did. It spared us from the stress of traveling by land during the busy holiday season. We bought our tickets way back in September so we were able to get huge discounts.

I'm lucky that I was able to coordinate my schedule with my clients and I still have a week to rest from my online job. That means I'll be having much time to write more Travel Articles. I'll make sure to include our Cebu Pacific experience. I may even have time to list my articles in article directories like The site's Travel and Leisure page has travel advice and tips for weary travelers.

For now, I'll leave you with this photo with me and my boy before riding the plane. Technically, it's not his first time to fly but he considers it as one since the last time we took the plane was when he was still a baby.

By the way, belated "Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010" to all!