Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao Island, Bohol

Fourth stop of our Panglao Island Tour, Day 1 in Bohol.

2010-01-29 Bohol Weekend Day 1 LR-81

I've never been this close to bees in my entire life! But I did not let the opportunity pass so I went ahead and held that thing with the bees. See the nervous smile?

Bohol Bee Farm is actually one of the many resort hotels in Panglao Island. However, Bohol Bee Farm offers its guests something different from the rest - that is, providing organic food and products and exposing them to organic farm activities. Indeed, our tour inside the place is memorable and educational as well.

Bohol Bee Farm

After I paid our entrance fees (Php 20 per head), we were given straw hats to wear while we go tour the facility. After that, our guide brought us to the are where their potted herbs were displayed. She described each herb and its uses plus and she gave us leaf samples to smell, too.

Bohol Bee Farm

Next, we were brought to the area where they keep the artificial beehives. Our guide shared some trivia about the bees and their role in ecology while carefully taking out one compartment from the box. That was when the first photo above was shot.

Bohol Bee Farm
Bohol Bee Farm Crafts and Livelihood Center
Bohol Bee Farm Ice Cream Cone Factory

Then, we were brought to the farm's two livelihood areas. The first one was the Crafts and Livelihood area where we witnessed how the staff manufactured various handicrafts made of rafia. The second one was the food manufacturing area where we saw how their cassava ice cream cones were made. Their ice cream is homemade, too. Aside from the usual ice cream flavors, it also comes in exotic flavors such as durian and garlic. I loved the cassava ice cream cone because it isn't sweet unlike the sugar cones that I usually cannot devour.

Bohol Bee Farm

The last leg of our Bohol Bee Farm tour brought us to the viewing deck facing the sea. It was a very beautiful sight! It is also the area where guests can avail of the traditional hilot (massage) using virgin coconut oil infused with different herbs. Rap and I went down the stairs and dipped our feet in the water. There's no white sandy beach there but guests can still swim especially when it's low tide.

All of a sudden, I felt bad that we did not push through with our hotel reservation. It made me really want to come back and stay in Bohol Bee Farm even just for a night so we can also get to try their organic food.

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Bohol Bee Farm is located in Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol. To go there, tourists can rent a tricycle from Tagbilaran City (mainland) or take a cab. It would be best if you visit Bohol Bee Farm as part of a van rental package. We got ours for Php 2,200 for 6 hours. You can also avail of the the free hotel to airport/seaport transfers if you will be staying in the place.

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Heart of Rachel said…
That's a great experience. I wonder if I have the guts to get that close to the bees.
Yodi Insigne said…
wow, I've been here last week. Awesome place for health buffs.
Paulo said…
I love the Bohol Bee farm! How I wish I could go back there soon.
What I love most about Bohol Bee Farm is their yummy food! Thanks for posting the photos. I was not able to take pictures when I went there 2 months ago. I feel happy that you shared your experience. This will make more people think how beautiful bohol is. - Bohol Sale
Muffie Shannen said…
We also went to Bohol Bee Farm! And I hope I can stay there the next time I visit Bohol.

I think their concept of the farm is very nice - organic! He he.. I love their spicy ginger and malunggay ice cream, a must taste!
The bee farm is one of my interest for my Bohol visit. Hope I can be in the midst of bees just for 1 moment. haha!
Great post and nice pictures. Planning a trip to bohol bee farm very soon.
Bohol resorts said…
Indeed Bohol is one of the remarkable places here in the Philippines. If I have the time I will go back there! :) thanks for sharing this with us, I will visit this bee farm too!
Rafielttx said…
Good for tourist spot i like panglaw island in Bohol.