Bilar Man-made Mahogany Forest

Second stop of our Bohol Countryside Tour, Day 2 in Bohol.

Jumpshot at Bilar Man-made Mahogany Forest

We passed by the town of Bilar on the way to Loboc from the Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen, Bohol. The man-made mahogany forest where the highway passes through is simple irresistible. Tall mahogany trees and seedlings line up the road and provide a thick canopy for motorists and tourists underneath. It has been a favorite stop over for tourists because of the cool atmosphere that the canopy brings.

2010-01-30 Bohol Weekend Day 2 LR-35

There was nothing much to see in this place but tall mahogany trees. Yet, our group enjoyed the place and even stopped for a while to sit on the big rocks beside the highway. The view reminded me of the pine trees in Baguio. The weather that day was also almost the same as Baguio's cool weather since it rained while we were at the Chocolate Hills Complex. The man-made mahogany forest is truly a welcome sight for people like me who miss this kind of greenery in the city.

2010-01-30 Bohol Weekend Day 2 LR-20

The Man-made Mahogany Forest is located in Bilar, Bohol which is about 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. To go there, tourists can ride a bus to Bilar from the Dao bus terminal in Tagbilaran City. It would be best if you visit the Man-made Mahogany Forest as part of a van rental package. We got ours for Php 3,500 for 8 hours.

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Mikito Ohara said…
This one should be preserved. It is not yet that developed, but I think with proper process, it will be good...

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