Bohol Tarsier Encounter

Fifth stop of our Bohol Countryside Tour, Day 2 in Bohol (January 29 - 31, 2010).

From the port where our Loboc River Cruise ended, our driver brought us to the Tarsier Visitors Center in Sikatuna where we were able to see the Bohol tarsiers up close. A donation of Php 20 is requested from each visitor but giving more than that is encouraged.

Philippine Tarsier

The place was set up to be as close as the tarsiers' natural habitat in the forest. To prevent stress, caretakers prohibit visitors from touching them and from using the flash when shooting pictures.

Aside from the tarsiers, we were also able to see flying lemurs. We were told that a lot of flying lemurs inhabit Bohol's rich forests. In fact, we were able to see flying lemurs during our visit to the Daks and Gams Wildlife Park in Panglao Island a day before.

Flying Lemurs

Various tarsier souvenir items and Boholano delicacies can be bought by the exit. I bought pasalubong items here since I found their items relatively cheaper than the shops in Chocolate Hills Complex and Hinagdanan Cave.

It would be best to visit the Tarsier Visitors Center as part of a van rental package. We got ours at Php 3,500 for 8 hours. There are buses and jeeps from Dao terminal that pass by the place. Travel time is around 30-35 minutes from Tagbilaran City.

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Sybil said…
that's so cool!!! i want to visit there one day! :D

Animated Confessions
Tarsier said…
When we went to Bohol and visit a local place to see a tarsier, I learned that tarsier is a suicidal animal. Thats the reason they are not allowed to be touch to avoid stress.

But a very cute little animal, tarsier..