On being insured while on travel

When we talk about insurance plans, the first things that come to mind are life insurance and health coverage plans. The employed seldom worry about these things because their company automatically pays for their insurance policies. When they go on a business trip, their companies do provide them with a business travel insurance plan. But what about the travelers who do not have a travel insurance plan? Do they even think about getting one?

I love traveling and my family and I do travel a lot. The three of us are covered by my husband’s medical insurance plan and we can avail of medical services from select hospitals nationwide. We do not have a medical insurance that will cover us while traveling overseas which made me contemplate on the need of getting one. Honestly, I’m the type of person who would feel helpless without an insurance coverage. That’s why I pay the extra fee for travel insurance when I book our plane tickets and even when we go on long bus travels. I just need to feel secure knowing that we wouldn’t need to worry much on hospital care should an accident happen.

I am still searching the web for affordable full coverage travel insurance plans for our future travel overseas. Any recommendations?

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