Beauty's 20K km Check

Today, we are 10 thousand pesos poorer. The family car finally underwent its first 20 thousand kilometer check up. Although it's really a pain in the pockets, I'm still glad to know that there was nothing major to fix.

Aside from having the usual car parts checked such as its head gasket, we also asked the casa guys to check the air conditioning of our car. I was afraid that we had to have a freon refill, or worse, have the air conditioning repaired but all it needed was to have the filters cleaned. Everything was a-ok so to say and we are so relieved.

We take our cars' maintenance schedules seriously. Even our 98 Honda City is well-maintained. In fact, we just had its body repainted during the summer season. I remind my husband to never sell the car even when its old already for sentimental reasons. Even my cousin who's in LA is jealous of our Honda. She and her husband were planning to buy a Honda Civic but ended up having a Ford because she says Japanese cars are more expensive in the States. I find it weird because American cars are more expensive here. Like us, they also save money just in case their car needs to be brought to a Los Angeles auto repair shop.

It's hard to be stuck in the middle of the road somewhere with a car that's broken down. So, if you're a car owner, prioritize your car's maintenance checks to avoid the hassle.

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Honda Civic
head gasket