Seriland, The Land of Happy Thoughts

There's something new at the second level of the Manila Ocean Park. Seriland, an "edutainment" park for kids and adult alike, just opened its doors to the public last November. My family and I were able to visit the place a week before its opening and got to enjoy 50% off on entrance fees. We took the package (Mirror Maze + Trick Art + 3D Cinema plus) which was supposed to be Php 450 for adults and Php 300 for kids. There's also the Kids Play Paradise for kids at Php 200 but my boy didn't want to play there because he felt he's "binata" already. ;p

First stop was the Mirror Maze. Upon entering, we were given white gloves to prevent us from leaving hand prints on the mirrors. It was all fun and amazement after. The illusion created by the mirrors created the maze. We did not only have fun finding our way out but we also enjoyed taking photos with our "extra" selves!

2010-11-28 Manila Ocean Park - LowRes (31)
Can you guess who's the real boy there?

Then, we went over to the Trick Art Museum which is perfect for taking more amazing and funny photos. We were literally keeping ourselves sane from laughing at the wacky pictures we took of ourselves.

2010-11-28 Manila Ocean Park - LowRes (40)
My boys with the "naughty" Mona Lisa.

2010-11-28 Manila Ocean Park - LowRes (44)
My mom-in-law gets close with E.T.

2010-11-28 Manila Ocean Park - LowRes (60)

2010-11-28 Manila Ocean Park - LowRes (53)
Memories of Ondoy?

Then, we went to view the movie that was featured in the 3-D Plus Cinema. A movie is being shown every 30 minutes. We were given 3D glasses and were advised to sit at the orange-colored benches where it is said to be best for 3D viewing.

2010-11-28 Manila Ocean Park - LowRes (66)
Three blind mice, haha!

We last visited the Manila Ocean Park in March 2008 when it was first opened to the public. I'm glad that a lot of places to see and try have been added in the past two years. We're planning to go back probably this summer and check-in at the H20 Hotel. We still have got to try the Aquatica show.

You can visit Seriland at the 2nd level of the South Wing of Manila Ocean Park. The land of happy thoughts is open from 10 am -8 pm on weekdays and 9 am - 9 pm on weekends. Visit the official website and their Facebook page for more details or call (02) 5599563.

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