City Kart Racing offers Euro-class karting in the heart of Makati City

I've been to Park Square 1 countless of times. It's the place I'd go to in Makati when I'm in search of gadgets. I have always known it to be a place where we can easily find parking slots because most mall goers prefer to park in Glorietta or Greenbelt. It was only last week that I discovered City Kart Racing at the 7th level.

2011-10-15 City Kart Racing LR

I and the boys were invited to the first ever City Kart Racing Bloggers' Blaze Fun Cup. I was really excited to be driving that day because it's my husband who often gets to drive for the family and it was my chance to feed my need for speed, so to speak. My husband and I signed up for the race and we promised Rap that he'll get to drive after the adults had their slice of fun, hehehe.

After signing up, we were instructed to register our names and connect our Facebook accounts so our friends online can see our race results posted in our profiles. City Kart Racing has a Facebook app where drivers can keep track of their time and also of their karting Facebook friends. How cool is that, huh?

2011-10-15 City Kart Racing LR (2)

Since most of us were first-timers, City Kart Racing founder and French former professional racer, Jean-Marc Freihuber gave a short talk on Karting 101. We were taught the significance of each flags and safety precautions in driving.

2011-10-15 City Kart Racing LR (7)

Then, we were given the chance to have a ten-minute practice on the tracks. I sucked big time. My husband probably got used to driving with a kid in the car that he only drove faster than me by three seconds! Then again, how can you even beat these guys?

2011-10-15 City Kart Racing LR (16)

After that, we were grouped into teams. I was glad that I was teamed up with my blogger friend, Jennie Aspacio, together with Kurt Gan and Daomisyel. Team Mac Queen (obviously, our kids love the movie Cars) started out being last and finished 6th out of 8 teams. Not bad at all!

We really had a good time. The race unleashed the kaskasera in me. Jennie told me that it was I who made our team rise up in the ranks. Ah, thanks to the husband who doesn't let me drive that much. Ayan tuloy, his team placed 7th place, hahaha!

If you want to experience the same kind of driving high that we had, visit City Kart Racing Makati at the 7th level of Park Square 1, Ayala Center, Makati City. City Kart Racing Makati offers packages for corporate events, too. For more information, you can also visit

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wena sotto said…
ang saya naman!! gusto ko rin subukan yan. ang problema di ako marunong mag-drive hahaha
Mauie Flores said…
sus,yakang-yaka mo weng! si rap nga nag-drive din eh. basta abot mo yung pedal ng gas at break ayos na, hahaha!
Adelbertenriquez said…
I want to be here, I hope I can turn back time!
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