Manila Chinatown a day before Chinese New Year

I and the boys finally achieved our plans of visiting Manila's Chinatown a day before Chinese New Year. We didn't bring a car because it's typically an hour-long drive from Cainta to Manila and I also read that most of the roads leading to Chinatown are closed. So from our house, we went to SM Marikina, parked the car there, and walked to the Santolan LRT Station. We road the train to Recto Station. I had planned to make another train ride from Doroteo Jose (LRT-1 line) to Carriedo Station but I thought of exposing my "sheltered" boys to what Manila is really like, hehehe. So we rode a jeep from there to our first stop, Santa Cruz Church.

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (7)

Santa Cruz Church was built by the Jesuits in June 20, 1619 and it was the first Roman Catholic Church in the area. In front of the church is Plaza Sta. Cruz where the Carriedo Fountain stands. Ongpin Street is already a few steps away and it is where the Third Welcome Gate (Arch of Goodwill) to Manila Chinatown can be seen.

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (6)

We have planned to walk the whole stretch of Ongpin from the Sta. Cruz side to the Binondo side. From what I've read, almost all of the activities lined up for the Chinese New Year are lined up in Ongpin Street.

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (13)

True enough, halfway through Ongpin, a huge stage was propped right smack in the middle of the street, by the corner of Sabino Padilla Street. Apparently, Chinese New Year being declared a non-working holiday paved the way for the First Pedestrian Day at Manila Chinatown.

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (12)
2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (9)-tile

At this point, we felt the intense festive air in the place. Kiosks were lined up along the streets showcasing Chinese traditional art, books, and religious customs.

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (35)

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (36)
Prosperity gong

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (37)
Offering flowers to Buddha.

Of course, there were a lot of peddlers selling Chinese good luck charms and what-have-you's.

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (28)

We turned right upon reaching Salazar Street and turned right again at Benavidez Street so we could have our lunch at Wai Ying Fastfood. You can read about our food trip HERE.

 Wai ying Fastfood

Finally, we were able to reach the end of Ongpin Street where Binondo Church is.

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (41)

We are planning to go back probably during my boy's summer vacation. There are still a lot of places that we weren't able to visit in Chinatown. The place is rich in culture and history. I only wish that the people who live and frequent the place realize that so they can take extra care of the place's historical sights.

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melvin said…
sana i restore nila ang mga lumang buildings jan sa area na yan sayang kasi,buhay na buhay pa naman sana kultura nila jan