New Philippine Department of Tourism Slogan to be unveiled tomorrow

Before, it was WOW Philippines. Then, it was followed by the infamous, Pilipinas, Kay Ganda (Beautiful Philippines). What could be the new Department of Tourism slogan? We'll know by tomorrow. All we know now is that it will answer the question, "Why go to the Philippines?" This is according to a tweet by tourism secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr..

While the rest of Pinoy netizens speculated over Twitter and Facebook, the only hints that the tourism secretary gave is that it will be "more competitive than just an adjective," and that it is going to be "an expression, drawn from natural conversation." Your guess is as good as mine.

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well... the new slogan is "(name of an activity). More fun in the Philippines." And its taking FB by storm. :) Filipinos are ingenious people - what they can think of! :D