Tree Top Adventure Subic

I have never been a fan of heights. Although I can be in high places with minimum fuss, let's just say that my knees start to shake when I looking straight down to the ground from the window or the edge of a tall building. Such was the fear I had to overcome when I and the boys went to Tree Top Adventure in Subic, Zambales.

Subic Tree Top Adventure 43
Look at how tightly I held on for my dear life, hahaha!

Tree Top Adventure is one of the places in Subic that we were not able to visit when stayed overnight at Camayan Beach Resort in 2009 so we made sure that it's part of our itinerary. From RK Hotel along Argonaut Highway where we spent the night, it's not hard to find Tree Top Adventure sign as we cruised towards the former international airport.

Tree Top Adventure offers eight packages for customers to choose from. Since I didn't want to ride a zipline, I opted to buy Package A at Php 400 which only included the Canopy Ride, Canopy Walk, Trekking and the Jungle Survival Demo. Meanwhile, my husband and son each bought Package C at Php 600 each so they can have try the Superman Ride.

Right after paying our tickets, we were led downstairs to the orientation area where we were taught about the safety rules and regulations of the place. Then, along with the other visitors, we were guided to the Jungle Survival Demo area.

Subic Tree Top Adventure 04

While we were there, an Aeta staff member taught us how to create cooking and eating tools using bamboo.

Subic Tree Top Adventure 12

Of course, he also taught us how to start a fire.

Subic Tree Top Adventure 21

With a sharp jungle bolo and the right know how, one can really survive in the jungle. See, Rap drank water straight from a cut bamboo trunk!

Subic Tree Top Adventure 14

After the demo, the group proceeded with the trek but we chose to stay behind and start falling in line for the boys Superman Ride. It took some time before they finally "flew" because only 2 people at a time can be accommodated.

Subic Tree Top Adventure 44

By the time we fell in line for our Canopy Ride, the rains started pouring. I had to go back to the car to leave my shoulder bag and get a large plastic bag to wrap my DSLR in. Good thing that we already checked out from the hotel and have our travelling bag in the car so I was able to prepare a change of clothes for each of us. I also brought along my small umbrella in the hope that I can still use it while riding the Canopy Ride. Well, now you know that I wasn't able to do that. LOL!

I thought that we'll just be sitting all through out the Canopy Ride.  As it turned out, we had to get off after crossing from one tree to another and ride again. There are also bridges where we had to walk to the next riding area. All the while, my knees were shaking not only because of my fear of heights but also because we were already dripping wet! But as you can see, Tree Top Adventure provides safety harnesses and helmets for each customer so there's really nothing much to worry about.

Subic Tree Top Adventure 39

Then again, I think I'll just go for the trek the next time we visit, heehee!

Tree Top Adventure Subic can be found at JEST Area, Upper Mau Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. They also have branches in Quezon City and Baguio. You can visit for more information.

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siguro 2 to 3 years from now, yayain ko si Tiki jan. 
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sigrid said…
Wow! Next year when we go back to Manila, we hope to visit Tree top adventure. My husband would love the rides! Esp the Superman one! LOL
The Tree Top Adventure and the Superman Ride are fun family adventures. I wish we could visit Subic, Zambales, too, and try those; I actually prefer the Tree Top Adventure over the Superman Ride, though. 
peachkins said…
I have been to Camayan in Subic but we weren't able to go to Tree Top. Maybe next time...
Ane said…
We have a similar activity here in Baguio as well, and I do want to try it out to conquer my fear, but not anytime soon. :P I've been to Subic once before, but have not been to this place, it made my list of places to go. :)
jem alvarado said…
Great adventure! I have been to Subic but haven't tried those packages. I am afraid of the zipline maybe I would just enjoy watching.people.ride said…
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