Cebu Taoist Temple

The Cebu Taoist Temple was our first destination on our first day in Cebu. Kuya Macky, our driver/tour guide, already informed us beforehand of our itinerary and he said that it's better that we visit the Taoist Temple first so we could really enjoy the morning breeze.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (14)

I knew he meant something when he said that when I saw that we had to go up these steps to the temple, LOL! No choice but to force my heavy butt to get moving unless I want the boys to leave me at the parking area.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR

Here's what I saw when I finally reached the top. I bet they had a lot of time doing their Kung Fu moves while waiting for me.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (2)

Built in 1972 in the exclusive Beverly Hills Subdivision of Cebu City, the Cebu Taoist Temple stands majestic at 300 meters above sea level. Kuya Macky said that there are a lot of prominent Chinese Cebuanos living in Beverly Hills, thus the construction of the temple.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (13)

There's no entrance fee and the temple is open to both worshipers and non-worshipers of the Taoist faith. However, guests are requested to dress properly because it is a place of worship. Unnecessary noise is also prohibited.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (7)

We went to the main chapel which is where this flight of stairs is leading to. I just had to rest a bit and catch my breath, hahaha! Picture taking is prohibited in that area so I wasn't able to shoot photos. Again, even non-worshipers can go inside the chapel and make a wish or ask a question to the Taoist gods by dropping two blocks of wood.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (12)

We still had a lot of places to visit in Cebu and this was just our first stop so we didn't bother to stay long. We just rested a bit and took souvenir photos of this beautiful and peaceful place.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (9)

I would have stayed a bit longer if only we had more time. The place is really good for meditative thinking or to just relax the mind and breathe fresh air among the dragons.

2012-03-18 Cebu LR (10)

Oh yes, dragons. And there are lots of it in Cebu Taoist Temple. You could see dragon statues on the roofs and even on the garden which made Rap happily transform into cam-whore mode. He's born on the Year of the Dragon, that's why.

Next stop, the Heritage of Cebu Monument.

Cebu Taoist Temple is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision, Lahug, Cebu City. Since it is a residential subdivision, you can easily ride a taxi cab going to the place. If you are on a tight budget, I suggest that you take a jeepney from downtown Cebu City to Lahug then take a cab from there. No tricycles or pedicabs can go inside Beverly Hills because it is an exclusive subdivision. Of course, the easiest way to get to Cebu Taoist Temple is by private car or, in our case, renting a tour guide for the day.    

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Jem Alvarado said…
It looks like a place in different country. Great to know that there is no entrance fee. There are many places that I wanted to visit in the Philippines and this one is good to consider :)
Zoan said…
We went there too. And I forgot to make a review about it:) nkakatamad nga yung stairs;)
MommyLESsons said…
We visited this place when we were in Cebu, my kids were so excited. Dragon Ball's palace daw baka andun si Gokou :)
what a beautiful place indeed, i only see this in my postcard, hope that i can see this in person.
Gene Corbito said…
I have never been to Cebu or a Taoist Temple for that matter. This looks like a nice place to visit and experience on a vacation.
peachkins said…
We weren't able to go there when we went to Cebu!
tickled cheeks said…
ive never been to Cebu =( hopefully next year. tara plan tyo nila Jen. 
nuts said…
I hope to visit Cebu someday and   I guess I have to stay  there for a week  to  explore more. I've read a lot about Cebu and when it happens, I'll make sure to maximize the time and visit all the tourist spots there.
We weren't able to see much of Cebu when we went there last June because we didn't have a day tour. Next time we visit Cebu, I'll suggest to hubby that we see this temple. Nice place! 
jared's mum said…
it is indeed a beautiful + majestic place! i will make sure to include the Taoist Temple in my next visit to Cebu..