Caramoan Getaway Day 3: Riding the Ro-Ro (Roll On, Roll Off) Ship

Going back to Naga City, we finally took the ro-ro (roll on, roll off) ship to Nato Port in Sagnay. Actually, we were supposed to take the ro-ro ship going to Caramoan but, since we arrived in Naga at 6am that day, there was no way that we're going to be able to reach Nato Port by 8am.

2013-04-07 Caramoan lowres

The return trip to Nato Port from Guijalo Port was scheduled at 10am but we left Jallores Homestay and arrived at the ro-ro port by 9 am because we wanted to get good seats. After paying the port fees (Php 5/passenger), we then proceeded to board the ship. We paid Php 150 for each ticket and went up to the passenger deck after.

We were able to reserve seats with a good view and well-ventilated area. It's a good thing that the ship has a store and it sells affordable snacks because we did not have baon anymore and we were already a bit hungry.

2013-04-07 Caramoan lowres (4)

The trip to Nato Port took 2 hours, just a few minutes shy of our travel time when we boarded the outrigger pumpboat going to Caramoan. Still, it was more comfortable compared to the boat ride we had because the seats were wider. We desperately needed to rest after a full day of visiting Manlawi and the rest of the islands the day before.The ship also has toilets which is always a plus for travelers with kids.

If you're going to Caramoan, I suggest you arrive in Naga City a day earlier and book a night in a cheap inn. Anyway, you can have a food trip at Biggs or spend a day at Camsur Watersports Complex in nearby Pili while you're there.  Then the following morning,  ride the van to Sagnay by 5 am, arrive at Nato Port before 7 am, and board the 8 am ro-ro ship to Caramoan.

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Hi. My friends and I are planning to go to Caramoan on May 24 and i'm curious about the roro. If we arrived at Naga City from Manila at 5am, is it still possible that we can ride the roro going to Caramoan? How can we go to Sagnay port? I read that it only has one trip. My worry is that if we didn't arrive early in Sagnay, the roro might be full and we will not be accommodated. Pls help. Thanks
Mauie Flores said…
Hi, Frances. There are vans going to Sagnay at the Terminal near SM Naga. I'm not sure about the fare because we rented a van going to Nato port. If you arrive by 7am that would be enough time to secure good seats. Plan B then would be to go to Nato Port to ride the pump boats.