Take an Extreme Adventure or Just Chill at Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

The last weekend of February had us driving to UPLB to fetch Ralph who went on an overnight debate competition. Since February 25 was declared as an official holiday, we thought that it would be the best time to spend the night at a resort in Los Baños. It was a last minute decision so I failed to reserve us a room at the Makiling Onsen Spa. Thankfully, Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa was just a few hundred meters and a phone call away.

laresio los baños laguna

It was actually my husband first discovered Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa. He saw a viral post on Facebook about it and tagged me. I didn't realize that it was also located in Los Baños until our car drove past its signage along the highway. Luck was on our side when I booked because there were still a few rooms available. As the night passed, we saw guests coming and checking in the rooms beside ours.

laresio resort los baños laguna
Laresio Front Desk

Checking-in at Laresio

We availed of the Small Group Overnight Package for 4 which cost us 1,500 each.

Guests have to wear these bands while at the resort.
The package an airconditioned room good for a maximum of 4 people, access to the swimming pools, and the following activities:

  • Cliff Diving
  • Clip n' Fly
  • Slip n' Fly 2.0
  • Jump n' Fly (BLOB)
  • Vine Swing
  • Russian Swing
  • Floating Basketball
  • Kayak
  • Balsa Rafting
  • Stand-up Paddle Board

Rap and his Ate Meg slept on the pullout bed.
It was already past 3 in the afternoon when we arrived so we rested inside the room for a while and went around the place just in time for the sunset.

pool park laresio lakeside resort and spa
The room assigned to us faces the Pool Park.

Dinner at Tavern, Laresio’s in-house resto

Laresio management actually allows bringing in of food and drinks. But since we found that their in-house restaurant, Tavern, sold affordable food and snacks, we did not go out to the neighboring stores anymore. All of the food items that we ordered were already good for 4. The taste of the food was ok.

pinoy lechong kawali
Lechon Kawali (Php 210)

sinigang na hipon
Sinigang na Hipon (Php 310)

pancit bihon guisado
Bihon Guisado, 2-3 pax (Php 220)

Hot Spring Swimming at Night

One of the swimming pools in the resort is a hot spring pool. My son really craved for an onsen experience so the hot spring pool was a welcome consolation that night. We had the pool all to ourselves probably because only a few brave souls dare to take a dip in the hot pool. LOL!

hot spring pool laresio lakeside resort and spa

After about half an hour in the hot spring, we transferred to the Pool Park for a cool dip. Most of the guests were there because there was a movie being shown. I learned that they show movies every night at the Pool Park. In fact, Pitch Perfect was still on even when we went inside our rooms at midnight.

Water activities at Laresio Extreme Playground

We woke up early the following day determined to try all the extreme water activities by the lake. But of course, that would require lots of energy. So, goodbye keto muna,  haha! We all had silog for breakfast.

Longsilong and Corned Beef Silog (both Php 135 per plate with coffee/juice)

Since it was my husband who was so excited, we dared him to go first! Ang tapang ni Ser! He went up to the giant slide, Slip n' Fly! In fairness, nag-enjoy naman siya!

I was a bit challenged after that and thought that I could jump off the 10-foot diving board. Mukha lang siyang madali and I commend those who really had no qualms jumping off the cliff. I stayed up there for almost 30 minutes until I decided to jump into the water through the Vine Swing instead. Sorry, no video of me doing that, haha!

cliff diving laresio lakeside resort and spa

Balsa Rafting was supposed to be part of our package but we were not able to avail it because we were only 4 in our group. Since we were checking out early, we just decided to Kayak instead of waiting for other guests to join us in our balsa ride.

The Verdict

Friends find the Php 1500/head fee that we paid for the Small Group Overnight Package a bit expensive. For me and my husband, it was all worth it for a couple of reasons:

  • The price actually allowed us to stay and swim in the pools from 6 am to 6 pm the following day. It just so happened that we arrived at 4 pm and checked out at 11 am because we needed to visit a relative. Room stay is still 2 pm and 12 noon the following day, and the Extreme Playground is open only from 7 am to 6 pm. 
  • There is no corkage for food so guests can bring in food if they find the menu at Tavern on the pricey side.
  • Everywhere we went inside the resort is clean, especially our room. 
  • Staff members were always polite and accommodating. The only trouble we had was that it took a while before they were able to bring us fresh towels.
Will we come back? Yes, definitely. In fact, the husband recommended Laresio for their department's outing. Probably next time, we'll go back as a bigger group for bigger discounts and more fun at the Extreme Playground.

Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa is loacated at Alviar Compound, Purok 1-B, Brgy. Tadlac, Los Baños, Laguna. You can visit www.laresio.com or contact reservations@laresio.com to book your stay.

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