Unusual Attractions in the City of St. Albert

St. Albert may be seen as a small or quiet city by many, but don't undersell it! Not only are the people who live here unique, but the exhibits and interests they put on display are too.  These are some of the most interesting displays you'll see.

Image Source: WikiMedia.org

Father Lacombe Chapel Provincial Historic Site

If you’re curious about life in the 1860s, you're not alone!  Visiting this historical site will make you wonder no more!  Guides will walk you through the chapel, crypt, grotto, and cemetery and explain to you what life was like through reenactment.

Offering ghost tours in the fall and interpretive guide-led tours during the rest of the year, you can see everything from Alberta's oldest surviving building to how people ate and lived a hundred and fifty years ago.

Vegreville Egg

This giant sculpture of an egg catches many people off guard when they visit St. Albert.  Decorated like a Ukrainian-style easter egg, this sculpture is monumental and comes in many orange, gold, black, and silver tones.  Every ridge of detail builds it up to 31 ft long and makes it the second-longest in the world.

This egg was built because of the high Ukrainian population in the area, as an homage to the country they left behind and the life they're building here.  Although it's a great reason to create a sculpture, many are stunned just to be encountering a giant egg on an otherwise perfectly normal patch of St. Albert real estate.  

St Albert Grain Elevator Park

Grain elevators have been a huge part of Alberta’s history in farming and agriculture.  This park offers several on display where you can look at these interesting buildings and learn the history behind them.

The Grain Elevator Park is a quirky but fun exhibit where you can also buy food and make the most out of your visit.  If you're not sure what to expect, you'll be pleasantly surprised!  Those who work here don't take it too seriously and understand the strange fun of this park.

Little White School 

If you've ever been curious about what the little schoolhouses classes used to be taught in were like: visit the St. Albert Little White School!  Named after its tiny size and white color, this school that once taught local children is only two rooms large and trained kids of all ages.  

Since 1948 it’s been a local landmark that’s been a popular hotspot for visitors who want to see what life was like in the early 1900s and late 1800s.  Pictures of the school, and the students who used to go there, are framed inside so that you can see the people who used to walk this hall.

St. Albert may be a quiet city that many don't expect to be surprised by, but each of its exhibits offers something fresh and exciting.  From giant eggs to extremely small schoolhouses, if you want the quirks and fun of a tiny city with a population that's a little more sizable, St. Albert has you covered.  Just make sure that while you're here, you let yourself cut loose and have fun!