Rai-Rai Ken Ramen and Sushi Bar, SM Taytay

Rai-Rai Ken Ramen and Sushi Bar has recently opened its latest branch in SM Taytay. We decided to give it a try last week as my boys craved for seafood and Japanese.

The ambiance of the place was warm, yet, modernly Japanese. The wall was decorated with interesting scenes of both Japanese traditional and pop culture. One scene that fascinated us was this...

Aside from getting each of us a bowl of Gohan (Japanese rice) and hearty Miso Soup, we also asked for these:

Shrimp Tempura

Breaded Salmon Balls, Squid, Crabsticks, and Shrimps

Japanese Pork Dumplings

My husband and I shared a pot of hot green tea that we badly needed to warm ourselves up a little and Ralph had a glass of Four Seasons. My son had a great time because he was finally successful in using a pair of chopsticks during the entire course of our dinner!

Service was fast that night but I attributed it to the fact that we came in a little bit early for dinner. Price-wise, it was generally affordable considering that it's not Japanese fast food. We could have spent the same amount if we chose to dine in the Japanese fast food restaurant in the other building of the mall. One turn-off though was that I had to ask our dishes to be replaced before we finally ate because they were dusty. I have this habit of wiping the dishes and utensils first before we eat. They should be thankful that they yummy food saved the day for them. Although almost everything we had was fried, they were not greasy at all. The presentation of the food, as you can see, made it more appetizing.

Rai-Rai Ken Ramen and Sushi Bar SM Taytay can be found in the ground floor of the building where Ace Hardware and SM Hypermart is. It is in between SM Hypermart and Chowking. SM Taytay is along Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal just a few meters before you reach Club Manila East from Ortigas Extension.

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Anonymous said…
Rairaiken in SM taytay as compared to RRK in clark and SM pampangga is also ok; food is also great and price is comparatively OK; ive tried once at Kitaro and Tempura and i swear not to eat there ever again!