Philippine Holidays for 2018 Announced

My feet are itching. I’ve just read the news on 2018 Philippine holidays and I immediately scanned for long weekends where we can spend family time somewhere we’ve never been before.

As usual, the long weekends are centered on the major holidays I often refer to as SUP: Semana Santa (Holy Week), Undas (Halloween), and Pasko (Christmas). Based on the published Philippine holidays 2018, and assuming no one goes to school or work on a Saturday or Sunday, I have four days and three nights off to plan our trips and activities.

  • March 29 to 01 April Holy Week (Semana Santa). Lent is from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday. Visit churches or cool off at fab beaches.
  • November 01 to 04 (Undas). From Thursday (1st of November) to Sunday (4th of November) you get to spend time with the departed or catch up with relatives.
  • December 22 to 25 (Pasko). From buying gifts on Saturday (22nd December) to spending Christmas with the family on Tuesday (25th December), what’s not to like?

But then, if you’d rather plan your trips on less crowded dates, there are long weekends that allow for three days and two nights of vacay bliss. Look closer at the 2018 Philippine holidays and see if these dates fit your schedule, again assuming no work on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • February 16 to 18 (Chinese New Year is on the 16th)
  • April 07 to 09 (Day of Valor is on the 9th)
  • November 30 to December 01 (Bonifacio Day is on the 30th)
  • December 29 to 31 (Rizal day 30th to New Year’s Eve 31st of January)

Backpacking families like mine love these long weekends in the Philippine holidays 2018 because it allows us to explore places where can share experiences and make memories for a lifetime.

To complete the list, here are the remaining 2018 Philippine holidays effective nationwide:

  • January 01 (Monday) New Year
  • February 25 (Sunday) EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary**
  • May 01 (Tuesday) Labor day
  • June 12 (Tuesday) Independence day
  • August 21 (Tuesday) Ninoy Aquino day**
  • August 27 (Monday) National Heroes day

** These are special non-working holidays.

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